Niles Creative Group


Manhattan-born designer David Niles has earned a distinguished reputation for his work in television production, design, and management. He was the first to pioneer the commercial applications of High Definition Television and today is recognized as the foremost authority on HDTV production.

David Niles began his career in New York City migrating from architecture to theatre to audio recording and eventually to television. From 1972 through 1987, David was based in Paris, France, where he established a series of innovative studios and mobile production facilities. Aside from serving the European television market, David created programming for numerous clients to include: CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, NHK and ESPN. His European work earned him the prestigious "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" from French government.

In 1985, Niles created the first HDTV production facility in the world producing feature films, commercials and television programming in this emerging format. In 1987 Niles returned to New York to create America's first full production facility for HDTV.

Three years later Niles acquired the famous Ed Sullivan Theater. Following complete renovation of the theater, he produced the premiere HDTV productions of many legendary artists including Tony Bennett, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Jackie Mason. He also produced the successful Broadway show, " Dreamtime" . This was the first time that HD imagery was integrated into a live performance.

Mr. Niles has received numerous awards for his contributions to the industry most notably an Astrolabium and numerous citations from the Montreux Electronic Cinema Festival, the "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" and an Emmy nomination. He is also a member of the 200 person. Academy of Digital Television (DTV) Pioneers, The Academy of Motion Picture and Television and was a SMPTE Engineer. Many articles, books and documentaries, have been produced about Mr. Niles and he has appeared on many major US television networks utilizing his unique vantage point in debating and commenting on emerging video and HDTV technologies.

Early in 1998, Niles moved downtown where he provided clients with the highest standard of HDTV production and post-production. Soon after in 2002 David conceived, designed, built and operated Tribute , a 12,000 square foot gallery and exhibit space featuring 2 HD Digital cinemas that hosted events for clients such as Jaguar, Elton John Aids Foundation, Warner Brothers, The Wall Street Journal, American Express, Sotheby's, Cablevision, Apple and Robert Altman.

Presently, David produces, directs and edits original programming for numerous on air networks, consults for fortune 500 companies, develops new technologies and conceives, designs and executes large format projects from start to finish for companies including Comcast, Radio City Music Hall, Federated Department Stores, Panasonic, Walt Disney Imagineering and Madison Square Garden. David still remains most passionate about moving the industry forward by developing new technologies to further his creative work. Most recently he was the creative visionary behind the technology and artistic direction of the new “Comcast Experience” in Philadelphia. He and his company, Niles Creative Group , designed and created all of the content as well as the unique content delivery system for the world's highest definition, 25 by 80 foot, 10 million pixel LED screen, housed inside Robert Stern's, 1000 foot tall Comcast Center.


Director / Producer / Editor / Technical Director

Network Television Programming and Theatrical stage shows for over 30 years in America, France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, The Soviet Union, and Japan.

  • Sports
    ABC Wide world of Sports, ESPN, NBC, CBS.
  • Live Concerts and Entertainment Specials
    Including - Liza Minnelli at Radio City, ( Emmy Award ), Tom Jones and Shirley MacLaine at the Lido ( HBO ), Aerosmith, Tony Bennett, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, Joel Grey at The Paradis Latin ( HBO ).
  • Features
    Lions Gate Films, IFC, CBS Entertainment, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, BBC, Lucas Film and others.
  • Advertisements
    Panasonic, Sony, Lancome, Loreal, Sharp, Kelloggs, Atari, Gucci, Texas Instruments, Rodier, Tide, Seven-Up, and others.
  • Music Videos
    Over 200 artists including The Rolling Stones, REM and Vanessa Carlton.
  • Operas, Dance and Broadway Shows
    Including - Le Cid, Little Women, and Fosse.

  • Director of Photography Cannon, CSI NY, Becks, Macy's, Sesame Street, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and many others. Footage in numerous features and TV programs as well.
  • Designer / Engineer Built 12 Outside Broadcast Vehicles in France and the USA.
  • First Tri Standard, ( PAL, NTSC, SECAM), 8 camera Outside Broadcast Vehicle.
  • First broadcast 1 inch tape format.
  • First use of Digital Video Effects.
  • First use of Computer Graphics.
  • Academy of Digital Television Pioneers Member The Academy of Digital Television (DTV) Pioneers—the DTV Academy—is a select group of nearly 200 individuals who have played a significant role in the decade-long effort that has made digital television a reality for consumers. The DTV Academy includes individuals from the broadcasting, program development, consumer electronics manufacturing, and retail industries, as well as present and former government officials and members of the media.
  • Chevalier des Arts Lettres Conferred by the French government for his body of work as well as creating the “on-air look“ of the three television networks in France.
  • FCC Wrote, produced, & directed all ATSC test material for accessing and evaluating competing HDTV Standards.
  • Panasonic Broadcast Consultant- Varicam- D5
  • Snell & Wilcox Consultant / 1024 switcher.
  • Fujinon Consultant / HD lenses.
  • Madison Square Garden Consultant / Systems Integration for HD transition.
    Conceptual designs for the edit suites.
    Assessed HD Production and Post production equipment.
  • Walt Disney / Imagineering Consultant
  • Radio City Music Hall Consultant: 10mm LED wall for Radio City Music Hall. Designed the content delivery system. Designed and Produced all video & CG content for the video wall - Christmas Show 2005.
  • Tribute Designed and built a 30,000 square foot gallery with interactive displays and 2 HD digital theaters. Hosted events for Cablevision, Phillips, Apple Inc., Barco Media, Sony, Jaguar, Cingular, and B & W Loudspeakers. Designed and curated many of the shows held at Tribute and created content for these events.
  • Show Me New York - An open to the public, 250 seat tourist attraction, located in Midtown Manhattan combining giant screen High Definition Video, computer controlled effects, live actors and total immersion environments that propelled visitors through the past, present and future of New York City.
  • Dreamtime - Wrote, directed and produced the Broadway show Dreamtime , starring Eddie Bracken. It was the first use of giant screen HD projection combined with live actors & elaborate computer controlled lighting on a Broadway stage. The critically acclaimed production ran for 140 performances.
  • Macy's - Designed, directed, produced, shot and conceived all video & CG content for the Macy's 2006 4WardTogether 3 day convention in Las Vegas featuring a 650 ft. 360 degree seamless environment.
  • Guest Lecturer / On-Air Personality Has spoken all over the world about HDTV and Visual & Digital Technologies at SMPTE, NAB, Academy Awards, Technical Emmys, and numerous others. On-air as an expert in HDTV, Visual & Digital technologies on networks such as, CNN, CNBC, WNET ( NOVA ), NBC, & NHK ( Japan ) who also did a one hour documentary on David as the pioneer of HDTV production.
  • Some People David has Worked With:

    Merv Griffin
    Shirley MacLaine
    Francis Ford Coppola
    The Rockettes
    Phil Ramone
    Jerry Orbach
    Douglas Trumbull
    Tom Jones
    Michael Moore
    Martha Stewart
    Catherine Deneuve
    Count Basie Orchestra
    George Lucas
    Issac Pearlman
    Robert Wilson
    Ronald Reagan
    Issabella Rossellini
    Big Bird
    Tony Bennett
    Liza Minnelli
    Mike Tyson
    The Rolling Stones
    Serge Gainsbourg
    Paul McCartney
    Donna Summer
    Thelma Houston
    Aretha Franklin
    Jackie Mason
    Pat Sajak
    Neil Young
    Phil Collins
    Rudy Giuliani
    Dolly Parton
    Kim Cattral
    Vanessa Carlton
    John Tesh
    Grace Kelly
    Run DMC
    Luciano Pavarotti
    Joel Grey
    The B 52's
    B.B. King
    Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Chaka Khan
    Chick Corea
    Issac Hayes
    Deborah Norville
    Martha Reeves
    Meredith Viera
    Kenneth G. Mills
    Peter Paul & Mary
    Jesse McCartney
    Kris Kristofferson
    Anthony Newly
    Martha Stewart
    Robert Wilson